Heliport Brussels-Groot-Bijgaarden (EBOK) Internal rules v.14082021

Brussels Heli Air BVBA, with registered office in 1030 Brussels, Van Schoorstraat 86, company number 0458.412.201, tel. 02 467 28 03, ebok@brusselsheliair.be.

1. Every pilot, operator, user or visitor of the heliport must comply with these internal rules and will accept its content without any reserve.

2. The use of the heliport is bound to the prior permission of the operator (PPR). The demand must be sent only by e-mail (ebok@brusselsheliair.be), indicating the type of aircraft, registration number, origin, destination, estimated arrival time, duration of parking on EBOK, number of passengers and name of the pilot in charge (PIC).

3. Each pilot or heliport user shall first verify the heliport's take-off / departure routes as well as the safety procedures, including the rules contained in the Circulars CIR-GDF-02-P and CIR / ACCID-01.

4. As a basic timetable, the heliport is open to external visitors from 10:00 to 16:00 hours local time.

5. Landing and/or take-off is only permitted on VFR / special VFR conditions.

6. The heliport is located in Brussels CTR (tel. 02 206 25 03). The pilot must contact the competent Fly Authority. The contents of the M.o.U. between the operator and Belgocontrol must be followed.

7. The operator reserves the right to provide handling services against payment and also to send invoices for each flight on the heliport (“landing fees aircraft and passengers”).

8. The operator is entitled:

- to check that any pilot wishing to use the heliport for landing of take-off is in possession of a valid flight permit;

- to check the identity of each person;

- to check the aircrafts and their on-board documents.

9. If deemed necessary, the operator is entitled to deny access to or use of the heliport to aircrafts, visitors, pilots,... and this without being obliged to give a reason.